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Client Feedback

The right training while focused on safety and customer communication has helped Sweet Express LLC create a dynamic and reliable trucking company now serving a variety of industries nationwide. Choose Sweet Express LLC based in Grand Rapids, MI to get your cargo where it needs to go on time. Customers have relied on us to deliver a variety of goods since 2003 and we look forward to helping your business succeed.

I’d like to take this time to say thank you to everyone in operations, safety, payroll, and the shop. Since I came back to Sweet two years ago, we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but in 23 years of driving, I’ve never felt more comfortable and more at home in any of the jobs I’ve held than I do here. I really feel like I’m part of a family here and part of something bigger. I want to wish each and every one of you good health and prosperity in 2019. I’m looking forward to continue to grow with this company and have many more “happy new years” with my extended family.

Ron K.

I’m still an OTR driver for the company, they are amazing, no b.s. and really down to earth. They worked with me when I first came in and allowed me to prove myself with no judgement. Miles are awesome, and pay is the best I’ve had as a company driver. My DM is awesome as well, we communicate through text so no delays, as well as easy to get issues solved. Sweet has 2 things they ask, honesty, and communicate… who can’t do that!?! But hands down, best company I have worked for, I will admit, I plan on retiring from here.

Allen G.

I have been with Sweet Express/ Omni for over three years and from day one it has been awesome, I’m always recognized by name. When I have needed home for any reason they have been there. Sweet Express is my home and I’m 100% dedicated to them.  We drive the best equipment, 2014-2016 kw t680’s , they monitor us drivers as family and when you need someone to have your back then they have it. I’ve traveled many places and we are dedicated to success, safety, it’s a friendly family environment where you can feel comfortable, and my dispatchers are the greatest and the biggest thanks for my success goes to Damir and Jasmin who will speak to you and hear your concerns and when it comes to having problems there are none because at Sweet express we have solutions. So come on and join one of the best companies (US)

Michale P.

Just want to say thank you for the opportunity to work for such a great company. Thank you.

Jimmy C.