The Driving Force of Sweet: Dennis Wright


How long have you been driving?
15 years total 7 most recent.

What did you do before driving?
Before I started driving I was employed by a local builder helping build extravagant homes. I did this right after graduating high school and learned quite a bit about the trade that I used still today around my own home. I also worked with a local electrician it was able to pick up that trade as well.

What made want to get your CDL and into the world of driving?
I had a friend that drove truck and he taught me how to drive in a parking lot. I rode with him a couple times to Chicago and back to Grand rapids and was kind of hooked on it then.

Favorite part of driving?
I would have to say my favorite part of driving is seeing all the landmarks and scenery of our great country that we have and sharing those stories and pictures with my family. Another favorite part about driving is I'm not stuck in an office or factory doing the same thing and dealing with the same people day in and day out.

Why Sweet Express?
The company I was with before Sweet Express had junk equipment. I started looking for a new job when I came across ads on Craigslist. Never heard of Sweet Express but I looked at reviews and looked at what they offered and thought I would give it a try. I'm still here 4 years later because I'm still being taken care of by the close-knit family of Sweet Express.

One fun fact about you:
Growing up two of my favorite songs were convoy by CW McCall's and Roll On 18 wheeler by Alabama. So I guess it was meant to be for me driving truck.

Cameron Wolf